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Who We Are

Joseph Nothing's opinion of Panspermia

Where did human beings come from?
Over the course of my research on paranormal
phenomena, there is one issue I cannot come to terms with:to this date, no conclusive evidence has been

uncovered to support the theory of evolution, which claims that human beings evolved from apes. This theory is nothing more than conjecture. The only possibility I can fathom is that human beings arrived abruptly on Earth. The mysterious "Mesopotamia", the oldest known civilization, seems to have suddenly appeared. This civilization belonged to the Sumerian people, whose ethnic origins are unclear. It is almost as if some greater being suddenly arrived, coming to Earth after choosing it as an experimental site, or perhaps a "miniature garden" of sorts.

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We are a process oriented organisation.


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Our staff are constantly researching new technologies.


Established Business
We have been operating since 1999 and have survived the best                and the worst of the economy.

Our History

musical works under the name as Joseph Nothing,Rom=Pari,Tatsuya Yoshida,Rom Yoshida,


(Beat records/Sub Rosa)

Joseph Nothing
"Dummy Variations"
"Dreamland Idle Orchestra"
"Just one Fix 7inch"

Audio Active remix
"Altered I/Bong"
"Idle Dragon"
(Warner JPN/US)

Ground Zero/Otomo Yoshihide remix
(Creativeman disc)

Geodezik remix
"Low Bit Drop EP"
"Trap EP"
(Beat records)

Iva Davies(ex-Ice House)
"Ghost of Time"
(Warner Australia)

Tomoe Shinohara w/Geodezik
"Megaphone Speaks"
(Ki/oon Sony Records)

Kid606/Joseph Nothing
"split7 $"

"TKO from Tokyo"

"the empire..s last stand"
(Sonicterror records)

Hyoe Yasuhara
"Seishun No Outline"
(plug house)

Various Artists
"Let's I love you"

"No watches,No maps"
(Fat Cat records)

"Tigerbeat6 inc."

"Breaks your heart again"
(Six records)

(Sub Rosa)

"Fuji Rock Festival 98 in Tokyo"w/Geodezik


Joseph Nothing
"Deadland after Dreamland"

Xploding Plastix remix
"Renevolent Volume Lurkings EP"
(Columbia/Sony Norway)


Shychild remix
"Please Consider Our Time"

The Heartbreak Moment w/Her Space Holiday&Piana
"the sound of our summer"
(& records)

Nakata Masae remix
"Sen-Ya Sen-Mu"
(tearbridge/Avex Trax)

Ilkae remix
"Bovine Rearrangement"

Nettle remix
"firecamp stories remixes"
(the Agriculture)

"love home"
(fly rec)

KAADA remix
"Music for Moviebikers"

Akainu remix
"Sora No Ana"
"Akainu Daizen"
(Amateras U.S.A)
"Baka No Hakobune"

Various Artists
"The Cosmic Forces of Mu"
"Children of Mu"


Joseph Nothing
"Shambhala number one"

Joseph Nothing
"Shambhala number two and three"

Pascals covered
"a shine on your head"

(office rocketta)

Original Soundtrack
"Seishun Kinzoku Bat remix"
"Yume Zyu Ya"
(Nikkatsu film)

Commercial Jingles
New Balance Japan, Inc
YAMAHA Corporation
Mc Donald/MTV
KURITA water industries ltd
NTT DATA Corporation
DENSO Corporation
Shu Uemura/LOREAL
Space Shower TV,,,etc.


Joseph Nothing Orchestra
"Super Earth"
(Virgin Babylon Records)