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Joseph Nothing's opinion of Panspermia

Where did human beings come from?

Over the course of my research on paranormal phenomena,
there is one issue I cannot come to terms with: to this date, no conclusive evidence has been uncovered to support the theory of evolution,
which claims that human beings evolved from apes. This theory is nothing more than conjecture.
The only possibility I can fathom is that human beings arrived abruptly on Earth.

The mysterious "Mesopotamia", the oldest known civilization, seems to have suddenly appeared.
This civilization belonged to the Sumerian people, whose ethnic origins are unclear.
It is almost as if some greater being suddenly arrived, coming to Earth after choosing it as an experimental site,
or perhaps a "miniature garden" of sorts.

NASA recently announced the widening of its definition of "life."
This organization has a tendency to conceal things - for example, they thoroughly modified images of the moon's surface to hide inexplicable objects before presenting said images.
The objects were hidden in various ways, including easily spotted mosaic techniques and sophisticated methods NASA doesn't seem familiar enough with.
Predictably, it appears that NASA was unable to hide the numerous Earth-sized spacecraft-like objects near the sun,
because they were observed in real-time streaming images sent from the STEREO solar observation satellites.

Images captured by "watchers" and posted on various Internet message boards have been problems for organizations such as NASA.
Richard C. Hoagland, an adviser to NASA with a certain amount of access to classified information within the organization,
has revealed that a large number of built structures (glass domes, geometric structures, etc.) exist on the moon's surface.
Although NASA appears to be a conscientious organization, the fact that this kind of evidence came from NASA means that they are surely aware of some greater existence,
and that they are attempting to hide it.

Recently, a rapid succession of reports have been made concerning the discovery of water and thin atmospheres on Mars and the Moon,
previously thought to be devoid of life.
Methane, which supports life, is also said to have been found. Furthermore, discoveries of "super-Earths", which have Earth-like environments, are increasing at a shockingly rapid pace.
"Gliese 581d", a planet located a mere 20.40 light-years from our Solar System, is a representative example of this that provides enough water and oxygen to support life.
It was recently discovered that "Titan", one of the moons of Saturn, has an appearance very similar to that of Earth as well as a thick atmosphere.
"Europa", the second moon of Jupiter, is covered in a layer of ice with a vast ocean underneath. Some are saying that life may exist on these two satellites.

These reports and evidence make it seem most likely that life came to Earth from another planet.

It has also been reported that Mars and Earth have numerous geographic similarities.
In addition, images of Mars showing pyramid-like objects stunningly similar to the pyramids on Earth, and the fact that oxidized iron can be seen on the surface of the planet,
can all be considered evidence of a formerly prosperous Martian civilization.

NASA's recent announcement is just the beginning. From here on out, NASA will likely continue to reveal evidence of extraterrestrial life and ancient extraterrestrial civilizations.

The capability of such organizations to hide information has surely reached its limit due to the development of the Internet.

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